▌ Programme Planning and Features

In order to promote net-zero transformation and recycling economy related governmental affairs in response to China’s net-zero emission target, there is an urgent need for relevant talents from all walks of life. This postgraduate programme on net-zero and recycling economy co-operates with the government and the industry, and aims to cultivate non-STEM students to understand net-zero and recycling economy from the perspectives of policy, regulation, technology, and management by systematic approach, so that the graduates can become talents of net-zero and recycling economy for the government and the industry. The graduates will be able to become net-zero and circular economy talents for the government and the industrial sector, thus helping the government to achieve the goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

【Feature 1: Learning Resources】

1.The Department of Environmental Engineering works closely with government agencies and is currently implementing the Ministry of the Environment’s Circular Economy and Zero Net Emission Top-Up Programme and related textbook development projects. In addition, the instructors are mainly from the government and the industrial sector, so the instructors have a good understanding of the direction of the future national net-zero policy and the actual implementation of the policy implementation. The admission brochure of the 112th Academic Year STEM Postgraduate Course [Spring Class] provides students with complete information about national net-zero and circular economy policies and industry trends.

In addition, a certain percentage of the courses can be taught by distance learning according to the school’s regulations, and teaching video files can be provided to students for reviewing the contents of the lessons.

2. According to the attributes of the government agencies and industries, the department will negotiate with them on the mode of cooperation between the two parties to build a net-zero enterprise internship environment and provide a variety of enterprise internship and training opportunities. Through the internship programmes of the partner enterprises and schools, students will gain experience in enterprise practice and management, which will also increase the matchmaking channels for students to find employment (or transfer to another job) and help graduates to work smoothly in the net-zero and recycling economy industries in the future.

【Feature 2: Teachers】

This course combines academic and industry faculty to plan the curriculum, and specially appoints teachers with great practical experience to teach the courses, including government units and consulting firms in charge of net-zero emissions and circular economy, etc. All the appointment of teachers and the curriculum are conducted in accordance with the Ministry of Education’s regulations, and the process of appointment is carried out, so that the students’ learning content has more cross-disciplinary employment needs and career development. Under the leadership of experienced teachers from the industry, academia, and government, students are trained to have the management and application skills required by the zero-zero and recycling economy industries, to meet the demand for zero-zero and recycling economy talents from all sectors of the society, and to have the experience of cross-disciplinary teamwork upon graduation, so that they can become cross-disciplinary talents with a second area of specialisation and obtain the second bachelor’s degree, which will add value to the workplace competence, enhance the cross-disciplinary employment mobility, and create a satisfactory workplace career. The programme is designed to add value to workplace competencies, enhance cross-disciplinary mobility, and create a successful career.