• What is the Environmental Engineering at Chung Yuan Christian University?

    The four major Career Programs are: Zero Emissions, Circular Economy, High-Tech Risk Management, and Environmental AI, dedicated to cultivating guardians of environmental sustainability!

  • Department of Environmental Engineering at Chung Yuan Christian University.

    Guardians of Environmental Sustainability

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Our department’s faculty members possess strong research efficiency and pursue high academic research quality. They can guide students to understand industry development trends and enhance their academic research skills.

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About Us

The Department of Bioenvironmental Engineering was established in August 2003 and officially enrolled its first undergraduate cohort in 2004.
In August 2010, the department admitted its first cohort of international master’s and doctoral students.
In August 2011, a master’s program was established.
In August 2015, the department was renamed as the “Department of Environmental Engineering” and a part-time master’s program was established.

Department Highlights

International Exchange

Our department, along with National Taipei University of Technology, Kitakyushu Municipal University in Japan, and Kumamoto University, holds the “Taiwan-Japan Four-School Symposium” every March and September. In March, our Japanese partner universities visit Taiwan, and in September, our faculty members lead students to visit our partner universities in Japan.

In addition, our university has signed memorandums of understanding with several renowned universities abroad, providing abundant opportunities for international exchange, such as dual-degree programs, student exchanges, overseas camps, and other activities.

High School Students Area

The Chung Yuan Environmental Engineering Department is the youngest and most dynamic in the field of environmental engineering in Taiwan. It’s not just a place to learn, but a hub for sparking creativity and exploring the future. Guided by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we are dedicated to cultivating interdisciplinary talents with expertise in green technology, intelligent sustainability, and environmental engineering.

Through rigorous scientific education, hands-on training, and a spirit of teamwork, we empower students to transcend tradition and become agents of change in the field of environmental engineering.

Upon graduation, you will be qualified to sit for the environmental engineering technician examination, laying a solid foundation for embarking on a path of sustainable development. Join us as we set sail together and embark on your journey towards sustainability!

Donation Section

We are committed to cultivating professionals who can sustain humanity and the Earth, striving to strike a balance between climate change and economic development.

To encourage students to study with peace of mind and provide a more comfortable learning environment, our department has set up dedicated accounts for the “Environmental Engineering Scholarship” and the “Environmental Engineering Development Fund.” If advanced individuals from all sectors are willing to collaborate with us in nurturing talent, donations to the designated accounts are welcome. Thank you for your support!

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